Area 15 Combined Training Qualifier 19th April 2015

Fab day at Area Combined Training Competition. Mynydd Teams were impeccably turned out. Everyone rode brilliantly - Well done all!!!!!!!!!!!

Mynydd Pink Team consisting of Amy Daye, Leanne Thomas and Siân Humphreys were placed 6th. This team only had 3 riders. Amy showed off her fabulous Dressage skills getting 72.1% Novice 27 followed by a Clear SJ and won the Novice Class!!! Whoop! Well done hun . Amy will be off to Championships to represent Mynydd Club. Leanne had 55.3% Prelim 7 Dressage and 4faults SJ and was placed 11th in Class. Sian had 58.2% in Novice 27 Dressage and a fabulous Clear SJ and was placed 5th in Class.

The Other Senior teams weren't placed but there were some individual placings:

Mynydd Yellow team consisted of Emily Andrews Sandra Andrews, Sue Beckman and Sam Dacey. Emily had a dressage score of 59.1% Novice 27 and 8F Sj . Sandra had 61.5 % Prelim 7 and 4F Sj. Sue had 57.7% Novice 27 and E Sj. Sam Dacey had a fab Dressage score 71.2% and Clear SJ and was placed 6 th as an individual.

Mynydd Orange consisted of Edie Johnson Julia Whittaker Susie Pugh and Angharad James. Edie had 63.2% Prelim 7 Dressage and 25F Sj including time penalties. Susie had 64% Prelim 7 Dressage and 8F Sj . Julia had 60.5% Novice 27 plus 4F Sj. Angharad had 63.9% Novice 27 and E Sj.

Mynydd Red Team consisted of Rhian Carter Beth Barton Mel Newman and Lisa Liley. Rhian had 62% Prelim 7 Dressage and a Clear SJ. Beth had 62.8% Dressage Prelim 7 and 18 F Sj inc time penalties. Mel had 67% Novice 27 and 4f Sj. She was placed 5th as an individual in her Class. Lisa had 62.1% Novice 27 and 4 F Sj. She was placed 6th in her class as an individual.

We only had one Junior Rider Macy Johnson . Macy had 63.5% Dressage Prelim 7 and Clear SJ. She was placed 5th as an individual.

Well done all. Fab day! There were 20 riders in each Senior Class and 10 in Junior Class so to be placed was an achievement .

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